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Overland Park Historical Society

The landmark Strang Depot, the first commercial building in Overland Park, was instrumental in ushering a 20th-century boom in the area which helped transform the small farming community into the second-largest city in the State of Kansas. William B. Strang, visionary and entrepreneur, constructed this depot in 1906 in his new community he named Overland Park – a city WalletHub recently declared to be the best city in which to raise a family.

Since families and children’s heritage are key to the success of the community, the Overland Park Historical Society (OPHS) purchased the iconic depot building to acknowledge and share its history and heritage, right in the heart of the city. What was once the headquarters of America’s forerunner to the modern diesel locomotive, the Strang Depot would later find itself completely encapsulated by a series of additions as the structure was converted into a real estate office, a drive-in restaurant and for the last sixty years a family-owned paint and flooring business. EZ Overland Park Junk Removal

When it was learned that the depot was about to be placed on the market, OPHS immediately set out on a mission to acquire the building, thus securing it from the risk of demolition. Preservation became the driving focus of the organization. The plans are progressive: they will expose and restore the original west façade of the depot, install professionally designed exhibits, and construct a replica of one of William Strang’s early interurban trolley cars. The result will be a one-of-a-kind museum and educational resource center which will interactively educate all ages now and well into the future.

A part of the Overland Park Historical Society’s mission is to educate the membership in the culture and history of Overland Park and its surrounding areas. The Board of Directors and officers of the Society meet the second Monday of every month at 6 p.m. to administer business or discuss projects and various activities. Any member or guest having business to be presented are welcome to attend.

Address: 7319 W 79th St, Overland Park, Kansas

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